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Working extensively in the field of family law, I interacted with a lot of clients going through a trying time in their lives. I wanted to be able to do more than prepare and file legal paperwork for people! With this thought, I discovered my true passion for helping people and decided to take the steps to become a Certified Life Coach and Solution-Focused Coach in order to see it through. I am also a licensed insurance agent, helping to secure proper protection and financial security for individuals, families, and business owners.

I help clients find solutions to hindering situations, create a vision of what they want their life to look like and assist in getting them there. I am not like most coaches, and I love hearing that! I offer a different perspective and love to get my clients thinking outside the box. I take pride when I hear people say "I've never thought of that" or "Nobody has ever asked me that before". All great coaches are creative coaches but this and my broad perspective, are what set me apart.


In my experience, I find that most people already know what to do, they just need reassurance and/or someone else to help them get started on their journey. There's always a way, maybe you just haven't found the right path yet! As your life coach, I am not your boss, I am not here to tell you what to do; you have all the answers, let me help you discover them!

Additional Information

Skilled Life Coach

A Life Coach helps individuals get to where they want to be in their personal and professional lives. This is done in ways which include helping a client overcome their fears, modifying negative patterns,  and helping clients create and attain their personal and professional goals. When you are confused, a life coach can help guide you down the right path with tailored services based on your overall desires.


Although a form of psychology, coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching doesn't focus on what happened to get you where you are now but instead focuses on getting you where you want to be, and living the life you deserve.

My goal is to help my clients get through the past, navigate the present, and jump into a brighter future. I serve as your cheerleader, teacher and one-woman support system. From quick questions to in-depth responses and strategies, I offer advice and helpful tools to help you become all that you can be. My coaching areas include:

  • Life Vision & Enhancement

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Relationship Issues (Personal and Family)

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Prioritizing & Organization

  • General Guidance

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Knowledgeable Financial Agent

The topic of finances is an important one.  More than half the population in America is in debt and even more are living paycheck to paycheck. The coverage and solutions offered through work are usually never enough, and that's where I come in! I work to help individuals improve their finances and give peace of mind that their legacy and loved ones will thrive in their absence. Learn about the many benefits of having a life insurance policy, plan for retirement, and get a fresh start on debt!


  • Term & Permanent Life Insurance Policies (Adult, Child & Group Coverage)

  • Final Expense, Death Benefits & Living Benefits to help with medical costs

  • Save for your child(ren)'s college tuition & expenses

  • Cash Value policies with tax advantages

  • Grow your money safely and get returns without the losses

  • Receive quotes from featured carriers such as AIG, ANICO, Columbus Life, and more.

Time is one thing we can't get back, so get a quote today!


Exceptional Speaker

A motivational speaker gives inspirational speeches to groups of people in various channels and on many topics. They can be found speaking in settings such as seminars, business conferences, schools, organized protests and even prisons. The goal of a great motivational speaker is to spread awareness and influence people to act in ways to change their lives for the better.

I have a passion for people to strive for a better life. Too many people go through life without actually knowing their potential. I feel that it is important for everyone to live their best life and I love the feeling of inspiring individuals to do so. Some of my topics and causes include:


  • Life Enhancement

  • Education & Literacy

  • Leadership

  • Advocacy & Human Rights

  • Justice Reform

  • Politics

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