Hello There, Beautiful Soul!

I am so excited that you have taken the time to realize and process your feelings. Journaling is a great way to capture emotions throughout the day, as well as triggers. Journaling does not only have to be about the “bad” things you encounter! Use this time to also express gratitude for the amazing little things that happen every day.


There is nothing like getting to know yourself and capturing your strengths, weaknesses, the light, and the dark sides! I wanted to create this journal and share it with the collective as it is one of the methods frequently used to get through difficult periods, decisions, and emotions.

This Digital Reflection Journal features the following:

  • Blank journaling sections for free writing
  • Out of the Shadow section for acknowledgement of times we act from our ‘other self’*
  • Question & Soul-ution sections for a mindful approach to issues**
  • Reflection pages for reviewing your sessions with a different perspective***

Digital Reflection Journal - Balanced Rocks Edition


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